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I have lost  about 18.5 kg in total after 21 weeks of weight loss on The Dukan Diet (I started phasing in the consolidation phase after about week 10).

  • I am happy to report that I have maintained the loss for 7 weeks now, and I record my weight as fluctuating between 77 and 78kg, my BMI is under 26kg/m2

This is the consolidation phase, so you are supposed to do 11 days of consolidation per kg lost, and I lost 18.6kg, so my consolidation is a period of 205 days, which is about 7 months, so I have a long way to go yet.




I have lost 0.2 kg since last week, 18.6 kg in total. BMI 25.7 kg/m2

I have survived 16 weeks on The Dukan Diet, and am in my Dukan target weight region.

My scales state that I am now 76.9 kg.  I am pretty happy with my weight loss over the cruise phase, and it’s good to be stabilised on consolidation.  I’ve been cautious with the consolidation’s allowances, phasing things in lest I regain some weight. Basically, this phasing in has been about a month now, and weight has continued to drop — but there have been larger swings up and down on the daily weighings!

I guess there’s little point in recording weekly weighings if I’m stabilised/ stabilising.  Instead I shall continue to record my daily morning weight and will report monthly or whatever. Shalom!




I have lost 1.3 kg since last week, 18.4 kg in total. BMI 25.8 kg/m2

I have survived 15 weeks on The Dukan Diet, and am in my Dukan target weight region.

My scales state that I am now 77.1 kg.  I am still trying to get under a BMI of 25, but I am also trying to phase in the Consolidation Phase and phase-out the Cruise Phase of this diet as the change-over seems a wee bit too radical for me just yet.

See ya next Thursday!




I have lost 0.8 kg since last week, 17.1 kg in total. BMI 26.2 kg/m2

I have survived 14 weeks on The Dukan Diet, and am in my Dukan target weight region.

My scales state that I am now 78.4 kg.  I am still trying to leave the cruise phase and enter the consolidation phase, I am quite pleased (and surprised)  to see such a big loss; I’d like to get under a BMI of 25.

See ya next Thursday!




I have lost 0.3 kg since last week, 16.3 kg in total. BMI 26.5 kg/m2

I have survived 13 weeks on The Dukan Diet, and am in my Dukan target weight region.

My scales state that I am now 79.2 kg.  This represents a small loss as I slip into “Consolidation”.  I have added two Mini Baby Bel Light cheese a day and over the week two or three tubs of Muller Light Yogurt (all of which are tolerated), and as a sort of celebration meal, I have had two glasses of red wine on two occasions in the week.  The effect has dramatically slowed down my weight loss, but that is what I am aiming for.

See ya next Thursday!




I have lost 1.0 kg since last week, 16.0 kg in total. BMI 26.6 kg/m2

I have survived twelve weeks on The Dukan Diet.

[Picture of excel bar chart showing 12th weeks on dukan diet]

My scales state that I am now 79.5 kg.  After last week’s dip I expected either to have plateau’d or to return to pattern loss of 1.5 kg a week. At the end, it was better than plateau but not as good as a return to form.  A slow down in weight loss is what the official loss curve predicts, and I guess it makes sense as I get nearer to my last stable weight region.

See ya next Thursday!




I have lost 0.5 kg since last week, 15.0 kg in total. BMI 26.9 kg/m2

I have survived eleven weeks on The Dukan Diet.

My scales state that I am now 80.5 kg.  I wonder if I am levelling out now that I am nearly at target.

[Picture of spreadsheet chart of Dukan diet week 11]

Maybe it is a pattern of two weeks of around 1.5 kg followed by a week of .5 kg.

I was talking to a French chap at lunchtime today, and he told me that “everyone knows” a rough guide to target or ideal weight is simply to remove the metres from your height, so if you are 175 cm tall, you ought to be 75 kg — and if you are 155 cm you should weight 55 kg.  I’ve never heard that before, but it is intriguing — and scarily accurate (the rest of the office put it to the test).

Anyway, see ya next Thursday!




I have lost 1.8 kg since last week, 14.5 kg in total. BMI 27.1 kg/m2

I have survived ten weeks on The Dukan Diet.

My scales state that I am now 81.0 kg.  This is the target weight according to the Dukan website calculator.  I should now start “consolidation”, but as my BMI is still in the over-weight category, and I feel I could do with a bit more off, I think I will continue with the cruise phase.

Time to look back over the diet as a whole I think. You can see from the spreadsheet-generated chart (below) of my weekly weight loss since I started the Dukan diet, the big water loss in the first week (Attack Phase) has not been repeated during the Cruise Phase (which is the Attack plus a few green vegetables every other day). The pattern seems to be two weeks of about 1.5 kg loss, then a bad week of half this loss, repeat, rinse and blow dry. Now, week 7 was missed, and week 8 was a bad week — all because I was on vacation and slightly off diet — but I cannot explain why week 4 was a dip.

Note that my wife’s chart is completely different, and resembles the slope of the chart generated by the official Dukan site (her weight loss is slowing down and gradually stabilising).  Hmm. I wonder when mine will start levelling out.

[Chart og weekly weight loss to week 10 on Dukan diet]

Thing is, if it is a pattern, then I am due for a bad week this week. I suppose I could wait and see, or else take steps to combat this by skipping the veg this week.

See ya next Thursday with the result!




I have lost 1.7 kg since last week, 12.7 kg in total. BMI 27.7 kg/m2

I have survived nine weeks on The Dukan Diet.

My scales state that I am now 82.8 kg. I am back to getting a kilo-and-a-half loss per week, hopefully back on track after the vacation disaster.

See ya next week!§



I have lost 0.6 kg since last time, 11 kg in total. BMI 28.2 kg/m2

I have survived eighth weeks or two months on The Dukan Diet.

My scales state that I am now 84.5 kg. I was getting a kilo-and-a-half loss per week, so over the past two weeks I ought to have lost 3 kg, but only managed 0.6 kg due to going on annual vacation — at least I didn’t put on weight, but I am somewhat gutted as I tried to keep to the diet on vacation.  I slipped up a couple of times and it seems I have been severely punished for that.

See ya next week!