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I have lost 0.5 kg since last week, 15.0 kg in total. BMI 26.9 kg/m2

I have survived eleven weeks on The Dukan Diet.

My scales state that I am now 80.5 kg.  I wonder if I am levelling out now that I am nearly at target.

[Picture of spreadsheet chart of Dukan diet week 11]

Maybe it is a pattern of two weeks of around 1.5 kg followed by a week of .5 kg.

I was talking to a French chap at lunchtime today, and he told me that “everyone knows” a rough guide to target or ideal weight is simply to remove the metres from your height, so if you are 175 cm tall, you ought to be 75 kg — and if you are 155 cm you should weight 55 kg.  I’ve never heard that before, but it is intriguing — and scarily accurate (the rest of the office put it to the test).

Anyway, see ya next Thursday!




[screen grab picture of BBC weather prediction for the week July 2010]July 2010 in Glasgow has been a washout; it has rained every day. It’s been grey clouds, hoods and brollies — and pot-holey puddles.

And the all-too-fast-fading memories of French sunsets welcoming in warm evenings. Gah!

So what will be the band, album or tune that will represent summer of 2010? Who knows; only time will tell I suppose, but I have to say that I have been cheering myself up with some summer pop from Canadian poppers, “Stars“.

[Picture of Stars vocalist Amy Millan]Fixed” is one of those pop tunes that make you feel summery and happy right from the introduction.  It is 3 and a half minutes of addictive, ear-wormy, classic, vanilla pop. Wonderful.

Wasted Daylight” is delicious from the cutesie-pie “uh-oh-oh-uh-oh” start, through the cheap drum machine and sparse verse (that serves well to show the glorious vocal qualities of Amy Millan) — all very nice and peachy, but then in come the real drums and then the song grabs your attention, what a lovely voice, great pop hook — one for singing along with in the convertible (as if)!

And what can I say about “We Don’t Want Your Body“?  Superb pop — a million references to other toons.  Male vocal until Amy returns with the chorus. And it’s the chorus that is the killer.

Not since Orson, Maroon 5 or the Ting Tings have I heard such crafted pop! Uplifting stuff.

[Album cover for The 5 Ghosts -- Stars]The album is called ‘The Five Ghosts‘.

It’s all good — I merely selected three outstanding fave summer tracks here. Seriously worth a punt I say, and who knows? It may just turn out to be summer after all.


Official website:
Myspace site:
Stars on twitter:

[embedded videoclip from of “fixed”]


What you want, you are, you always were
What you want, you are, you always were.
When the plans fall, changing hands
What are the chances of winning
You, you hold my heart
You, you won’t let up
After I am caught, touch turns into fisticuffs
It’s all in your head, wonder if I’m fixed to cut.
Fake statistics, and the collected home
With all the hunger, that keeps you climbing walls
It’s the one thing you can count on
We all end floating away, we all end floating away

You, you hold my heart
You, you won’t let up
After I am caught, touch turns into fisticuffs
It’s all in your head, wonder if I’m fixed to cut.
Is it your fall?
You, you’re sinking so they say
You, you’re finished so they say
You, you’re buried so they say
You, a killer killing fate.




I have lost 1.8 kg since last week, 14.5 kg in total. BMI 27.1 kg/m2

I have survived ten weeks on The Dukan Diet.

My scales state that I am now 81.0 kg.  This is the target weight according to the Dukan website calculator.  I should now start “consolidation”, but as my BMI is still in the over-weight category, and I feel I could do with a bit more off, I think I will continue with the cruise phase.

Time to look back over the diet as a whole I think. You can see from the spreadsheet-generated chart (below) of my weekly weight loss since I started the Dukan diet, the big water loss in the first week (Attack Phase) has not been repeated during the Cruise Phase (which is the Attack plus a few green vegetables every other day). The pattern seems to be two weeks of about 1.5 kg loss, then a bad week of half this loss, repeat, rinse and blow dry. Now, week 7 was missed, and week 8 was a bad week — all because I was on vacation and slightly off diet — but I cannot explain why week 4 was a dip.

Note that my wife’s chart is completely different, and resembles the slope of the chart generated by the official Dukan site (her weight loss is slowing down and gradually stabilising).  Hmm. I wonder when mine will start levelling out.

[Chart og weekly weight loss to week 10 on Dukan diet]

Thing is, if it is a pattern, then I am due for a bad week this week. I suppose I could wait and see, or else take steps to combat this by skipping the veg this week.

See ya next Thursday with the result!




I have lost 1.7 kg since last week, 12.7 kg in total. BMI 27.7 kg/m2

I have survived nine weeks on The Dukan Diet.

My scales state that I am now 82.8 kg. I am back to getting a kilo-and-a-half loss per week, hopefully back on track after the vacation disaster.

See ya next week!§



I was watching a video clip over lunch  in the office.  It was a US American TV news interview where the interviewee was talking about media influences on young people, and she said they had wooden stairs.

Well, when I heard that, I was surprised — why would that matter?  Then it dawned on me that she meant “Wooden Stares” — isn’t language marvellously twisted at times?

I am not always so slow on the uptake, I was talking about a vacation, and a passing colleague suddenly asked me if I was going to Mauritius (quite why he got that idea is unknown). I quipped back that I wasn’t going, and that it was all “Mauritius Rumours”.  Ho ho ho.  yes, I know!

I was also asked by my client not to forget some details — and after many reminders I am afraid I resorted to “It’s OK, relax, Omission Impossible”.  This has now been taken up, and it has been adapted to “Omission Accomplished”.

Today I had the bizarre situation of telling my “French” joke. The French Joke as far as I am concerned.  The trouble was that today I was forced to retell the joke to a Frenchman!  here’s my French joke:

“Did you do French at School”


“Well, do you remember that ‘water‘ is ‘L’eau‘?”


“And ‘to go‘ is ‘a‘?”


“And do you recall that ‘it is‘ is ‘c’est‘?”


“And finally that ‘The time‘ is the hour or ‘L’heure‘?”


“Well, the French Navy has an official motto, which is basically, along the lines of ‘To the sea or to the water, it is the time or it is the hour'”

“So what?”

“Well, ‘To the water’ is “A l’eau'”

“And “It is the hour” is “C’est l’heure’!”

“A L’eau c’est l’heure”

(note: sounds like Hello sailor).

Seb took the joke in good spirits, and as I walked away from his desk, he said,

“Dave – what eez zat on your shoe?”

At which point, and in mid stride, I cocked my leg back, out and up to look at the sole of my shoe, in what must have been the most gay gesture I have ever done.  Genius! Good old Seb, he got me good and proper!




I have lost 0.6 kg since last time, 11 kg in total. BMI 28.2 kg/m2

I have survived eighth weeks or two months on The Dukan Diet.

My scales state that I am now 84.5 kg. I was getting a kilo-and-a-half loss per week, so over the past two weeks I ought to have lost 3 kg, but only managed 0.6 kg due to going on annual vacation — at least I didn’t put on weight, but I am somewhat gutted as I tried to keep to the diet on vacation.  I slipped up a couple of times and it seems I have been severely punished for that.

See ya next week!