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Keith Jarrett played a concert in Koln on 24 January 1975.  It was just him and a piano, and he just made it all up on the spot.

Fortunately, this concert was recorded and released.

I have always adored this album.  It’s just a piano, but it’s far more, man.

For a start, he makes mistakes.  Then he makes all sorts of bizarre noises as he plays.  I guess that is why some people don’t like it.  But to anyone who play music — especially to people who improvise live — this is a landmark work of art!

It is astounding, then beautiful, then addictive — the soundtrack to autumn, or winter, or summer picnics, or study or commuting to work, or backpacking, or…

I was reminded of this album, long after I stopped playing LPs on turntables, by my pal, Big Mike.  Big Mike copied his CD for me twice.  I think he wanted to make sure I got it!

I turned it into an MP3, and it has been copied to my phone and MP3 player etc.

My wife got into it too.

One evening last year, we thought we’d look Keith up on youtube — and it seems that the man is also weird physically — that it’s not just noises he makes, but he strikes serious poses and attitudes while playing!  This is superb!  What expression — here is Keith Jarrett playing Londonderry Air (the tune behind the most popular version of Danny Boy):

embedded video:

Isn’t that just superb?




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Boys sometimes have to go along.  It’s a birthday — or Valentine’s — so you have to buy TWO tickets and “go along” to keep her happy, and keep her company.  This is called “romance”.

To be frank, that’s how this one started out.  She loves Beverley Knight, ever since she saw her on “Loose Women” ( a show she tries never to miss).  Beverley Knight did an “unplugged” version of  “No Man’s Land” and my wife was hooked from then on (despite the terrible out-of-tune guitar playing)!

[Embedded video clip from YouTube]

Surfing channels trying to
Fool my feelings it’s like they’re
Still resisting those
Little daemons
Try to leave it but they
Keep on playing over again

These four walls share my
Wish I
Could tell someone but my
Voice keeps breaking
So ashamed that you’re still
Living rent free
In my brain
In my brain.

I’m saying I can’t move on.
Stumbling ’round
Hanging on
But going down
No man’s
No man’s land

People say keep your head up
Watch the sun rise and
Everybody has big advice for me
But all I want to know is
What the hell went wrong
Tell me what went wrong

No man’s
No man’s land
But I will rise to start again
I have no doubt
But I just don’t know when
Sometimes I can change anything
But then again…

So I got us tickets!  And, boy were my “Good Books” full of “Brownie Points”.

Sorted — er — except I would have to “go along”.  *Oh well*.

However, as it tuned out, I had a great time!  We both did — this woman can entertain!

[Embedded video from YouTube]

Head down to my toes
Everything is in place
My cup overflows
Mama’s settin’ the pace
Time’s the only thing I need
To help you feel like it should
Just a little piece of me
I ‘ain’t nothing but good

I’m sweet black butta
I gets chilled like a water fall
Turned on like a light switch
I gets hot like a late night phone call

Nothing goes to waste
I still got it in spades
Once you get a taste
You’ll be digging for days
I know exactly what to do
I got this down to a tee
This woman right in front of you
Is all that I’ve ever been!

Got me excited
My fuses have blown
You got me delighted now
Don’t leave me alone
You got me ignited
I’m ready to blow!
So much energy, I got plenty in store
Everyone is scared of me
I have done this before!

I’m sweet (yeah) Black butta baby (spread it all over you)
I’m sweet uh (yeah) Black butta baby (I’m nothing, I’m nothing)
I’m sweet uh (yeah) Black butta babe (spread it all over you)
I’m sweet sugar uh (yeah) Black butta baby (I’m nothing, I’m nothing)
I’m sweet yes! (yeah) Black butta baby (spread it all over you)
Oh I’m sweet yeah, Black butta, butta baby, (I’m nothing, I’m nothin)

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