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It seems that the “ABC” venue is now called the “O2ABC“, which is frankly a bit of a mouthful.

I nipped along there from my office at lunchtime today (I had half an idea that “Florence & The Machine” were playing — turned out to be end of September and already sold out).  So I picked up a copy of The Skinny (see only to discover that “St. Vincent” were playing “Nice N Sleazy” tonight!

Damn.  There was no way I could make the gig at such short notice. On top of which, “The Pretenders” were playing the “O2ABC” and Bruce Springsteen was playing Hampden Stadium tonight so the roads were utter chaos.  What a night for music!

I had heard that Annie Clark is a daemon on the guitar, and that her band kicks ass live.  Oh well, maybe next time.

After listening to “Actor”, I checked her myspace site and was delighted to see three versions of the song, “Actor out of Work” — one is her on her own with an acoustic guitar, another is the band live, with Annie playing a Jaguar, and the third version is the official promotional video.  All excellent! Brilliant for comparisons.

Ah, good stuff. She really is very good at guitar, and her compositions are fresh.  Of course there will always be comparisons — who does she look like, who does she sound like and so forth.  She is what she is.  She is good. On Amazon, check out “Actor” or “Marry Me“. Read the reviews and give her a listen.  Well worth it in my opinion!

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magic-roundabout-signI can barely believe it myself, but I made it back in one piece from Hemel Hempstead.  Yay! I am a survivor of the world famous “Magic Roundabout” — a massive roundabout with the River Gade running through and under it.  You can drive both clockwise or anti-clockwise on this roundabout — it’s entirely up to you!  this is because there are actually six roundabouts on a massive main roundabout!

I tell you it is wild.  On top of which, I was searching for an hotel (the Premier Inn) — which turned out to be on the top of a shopping centre, with the hotel car park on the 3rd and fourth floors of the department store’s multi-storey car park on the road opposite (a high level footbridge connects the two).

In addition, there are roadworks and a building site on one of the feed roads, and new bus-only roads — which if you accidentally drive up them in a car, will set off an impaling mechanism to wreck your vehicle! Yikes!

Even my Sat Nav couldn’t believe it!  Hilarity ensued!

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