I have lost 0.2 kg since last week, 18.6 kg in total. BMI 25.7 kg/m2

I have survived 16 weeks on The Dukan Diet, and am in my Dukan target weight region.

My scales state that I am now 76.9 kg.  I am pretty happy with my weight loss over the cruise phase, and it’s good to be stabilised on consolidation.  I’ve been cautious with the consolidation’s allowances, phasing things in lest I regain some weight. Basically, this phasing in has been about a month now, and weight has continued to drop — but there have been larger swings up and down on the daily weighings!

I guess there’s little point in recording weekly weighings if I’m stabilised/ stabilising.  Instead I shall continue to record my daily morning weight and will report monthly or whatever. Shalom!


One Response to “16 WEEK DUKAN”

  1. Mad Bob Says:

    Dave, you are looking too gaunt, and skinny gaunt faces look older and sadder. IMHO you look perfectly fine and should not lose another gramme. Enough is enough (and well done you were a fat bastard)!

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