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Shrigley has always entertained, always managed to make me laugh. Well, that is, ever since I saw an article on him in the Guardian back in 2005 or 2006.

[Picture of Shrigley's Ignore this building SECC Armadillo]He’s got a funny website, funnily enough called And funnily enough, he lives and works in Glasgow and declares himself to be a Glasgow Artist, even though he’s fay Macclesfield.

Fair enough; after all he did go to the school of art. He does wee cartoons for the Guardian, and he’s responsible for Jason Mraz’s latest album being called after one of his pieces: “We sing. We Dance. We Steal Things”.

[Picture of David Shrigley Art Please don not return] [Picture of David Shrigley Art - Beach with wee faces]

Sure, you can always argue about “what is art” and “What art ought to be” — and maybe Dave’s stuff is not art.  Maybe it is. Maybe it is called art because there is no better word, or because art is a catchall word for this sort of thing these days.

But for me, whatever Dave does, it is interesting, thought-provoking, unusual, enlightening, mischievous, fun, funny, and very entertaining.  To draw wee faces on pebbles on the beach, or to put up notices may seem childish or affected, but it’s less pretentious then most other art today, and too good to be dismissed as merely childish.  Too mature to be immatute — if you take my meaning.  It’s one level past that at least.

Anyway, enjoy Dave Shrigley (what else can you do with him?).




Don_Martin-woman_hit_by_bottle_daduntMAD Magazine was amazing; it really inspired us to draw. Most of the actual jokes and satire went way over our heads because we did not have those cultural references, we didn’t know the celebrities.

However, that did not matter one jot when it came to the great Don Martin… what can I say?  He was just out-and-out amazingly funny.

He had his own style of drawing, and of describing the action.

I loved it.

It was always the first thing I thought of when someone referred to MAD, and the first thing I turned to when I bought a copy was the “Don Martin Dept”.

I cannot help it; I simply admire the work. Hinged feet? Genius.

Don_Martin-Cooks_Up_More_Tales Don_Martin-running_like_mad

I was really saddened to hear of his death in 2000.  He had been with MAD from his early twenties through the peak years for comics, the 60s and 70s.

Martin was such a massive influence on everything and everyone!  The way he exaggerated movement, the ridiculous sounds (and the way the got the idea across), and the complete departure from reality in terms of proportion, and the way joints and limbs work. [There’s even an on-line Don Martin Sounds Dictionary]

Martin could squeeze a laugh from the smallest detail –and as kids we all poured over his stuff, paying tremendous attention before copying into our school jotters.

Enjoy — donmartinweb/




I have always enjoyed Cinders’s “Broomie Law” cartoons in the Herald.  I know she lives in Glasgow with her husband and kids, and I think she’s about the same age as me, and that’s about it — apart from a rumour that she’s originally from Canada.

There are not as many female cartoonists and comic book artists around, for some unknown reason.  Maybe Cinders can be a role model!

[Picture of Cinders Mcleod comic strip] [Picture of Cinders Mcleod comic strip]

She has managed to be witty AND have a female voice, at the risk of being all lesbiany and suffragetty, and has great observations about the weird modern world we inhabit.  She’s a real treasure… and she ought to be better kent (famous). Anyway, I’m doing my bit on my blog, hope it helps!