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I couldn’t believe my eyes… Morrison’s Supermarkets are selling off their stocks of Vina Maipo Shiraz for under Four English Quids.  This is half price and then some.  What a bargain!

Yes, it is Vale central and 12.5% vol. It is as drinkable as the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot, but the Shiraz has more perfume and high notes.

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We have been loving ASDA’s Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, but this is possibly even more gorgeous: The Chilean Merlot.

Again, it is under four quids English money-pounds, but it is slurplicious!  It also has a weird label —  a couple of buses are drawn on in cream and red. It is more spicy that the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, but equally wonderful. Loving the Merlot!

Oh my! This is so delicious! By the way, some say mer’lott — others say Mer’low — hey as long as you get it, eh?

It is not on the ASDA website, (again), and it is also 12.5%vol/9.4 units/bottle.  Very drinkable on its own.

For more info about the extraordinary Chilean wines:




[Picture of label of bottle of Chilean cabernet sauvignon]Oh my!  This is so delicious!

It is not on the ASDA website, but it has a red lorry or truck on the label.  It is Vale Central and 12.5%vol/9.4 units/bottle.  Yes’m, it gets ya drunk, but happily; this is fruity, soft, and very drinkable on its own.

I read a lot about having wine with food, but this doesn’t need food to work it’s magic.  The laugh is that it is so cheap!  It’s under four quids English. Beat that.

Not likely.

For more info about the extraordinary Chilean wines: