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[Picture of Maggie Reilly of Cado Belle]In the mid 1970s, I had a girlfriend who bought me the self-titled Cado Belle album. She was in a bit of a scene, I think her brother was pals with their sax player, Colin Tully or something.

We used to bump into various members of Cado Belle all the time — for example, I can remember one time we went to a new place called “The Hot House” to see Kim Beacon and grab something to eat.  Colin played the sax, and Alan Darby was blinding on guitar.  I always liked Alan’s playing, especially the solo on “Nightbird” from “Ravenna”. It was a blinder of a gig — the venue was great, the food was superb, and the gig was wonderful and probably one of my all-time-faves as it happens.

Anyway, I got to know that Cado Belle album very well over the years, and Maggie Reilly really is very unappreciated in my opinion.  What a great singer, and what good songs too.  Maybe a bit dated now, but nevertheless, they are intelligent and wry: none of the lowest common denominator here.  Full on lyrics, key changes, tempo changes, cute bridges, intros, fade-outs, harmonies, lush arrangements. A tour de force of an album.

What is it with Glasgow that they never celebrate talent?  Maggie would definitely get a star on Glasgow Walk of Fame. Definitely. Hey, maybe we ought to start a campaign for Sauchiehall Street!

Alan Darby and Colin Tully went on, if memory serves me well, to write and play the soundtrack for  the movie, “Gregory’s Girl”.  That must have made them a few bob so that’s something at least.

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