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I first heard the name, Barbara Dennerlein back when people were worried abut the Y2K bug. It didn’t really register much, just that there was a buzz in Jazz circles and on the German music scene.

What’s not to like? She’s not so hard on the eye, and who doesn’t like the Hammond B3? For goodness sakes, I’ve got pals who are positively obsessed with this instrument!

By chance, I came across her on YouTube tonight, while looking for some Bach — don’t you just hate it when you have the tune, but cannot recall the exact title/ reference? Anyway, here’s what I found…

embedded video:

How good is she? And what a great excuse to gaze at a finely turned ankle!

embedded video:

The funny thing is that I have been listening to a lot of German stuff lately — I adore a lounge Jazz version of Heut’ Nacht — yes, the old New Wave track from The Spliffs. The track I have is by the wonderful Sumatic on Erotic Lounge (I really need to get a hold of their Dreiklangsdimensionen album). Sumatic is really Susanne Kemmler (also not bad to look at — Hmm, what is it with German women these days?).

Come to think about it Susanne looks a bit like Alison Goldfrapp crossed with Candy Dulfer!

It’s good to see women at the highest levels of Jazz musicianship; good role models for my wee girl one day perhaps.