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I have been really enjoying Keb’ Mo’s 2006 Album “Suitcase” — what a cracking album it is! He’s managed to pull together a dozen killer tunes.  Extremely listenable from start through to the finish is an accomplishment in this day-and-age.  The album opens with “Your Love”, which has a skippy beat and a cheeky hum intro to catch attention.  You start smiling straight off — and Keb’s bottleneck work is a joy.

I have also got Keb’s 2000 Album “The Door” (on the Sony Jazz label), and of the two, I think “Suitcase” is the better.  He’s definitely growing as an artist, and seems to be moving away from his blues roots into new — perhaps more “mainstream” territory.

This is a just beautifully crafted record in all respects — superbly recorded and mixed, and the songs are allowed to speak for themselves.  It’s full of character and quirkiness.