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[Picture of Movie Poster for How to Murder Your Wife]In today’s’ parlance, O.M.G.

The one and only time I have seen Virna Lisi has been in one of my all-time favourite movies, she plays “Mrs Ford” in “How To Murder Your Wife (1965)” starring Terry-Thomas, Eddie Mayehoff and Jack Lemmon. What a film!

She is simply STUNNING looking. She speaks Italian and cooks all the time. She was so utterly perfect for this film! She has a waist like Sophia Loren (see picture below) and everything else better than the rest. More arresting than even than Marilyn Monroe, bustier than Diana Dors, sexier than Brigitte Bardot. Virna Lisi had it all. Seriously. Wow.

[Picture of a young Sophia Loren with small waist]

The thing for me, was her face. I remember thinking I really liked her face and suddenly realising that the face was important as you would have to look at it most often! In other words, it was not all about curves!

[Picture of Virna Lisi in How to Murder Your Wife]

Virna Lisi is simply gorgeous, and her name is like the Mona Lisa, she’s a work of art!

I tell you what: I saw her in this film, and although I looked long and hard in the real world as well as film, I never saw anything come as close. Virna Lisi is in a class of her own. A goddess.

[Monochrome Picture of Virna Lisi] [Monochrome picture of sexy Virna Lisi]

I adored this film — the cartoons, the draughtsmanship, the photography, the bachelorhood, even Hefti’s music.  It epitomised The Playboy lifestyle. The way this Italian wreaks havoc on the poor guy, the way the American lady works on her to turn her into a standard nag. Ah, what a film on so many levels!  Lisi actually meets Lemmon by jumping half-naked from a cake! How good does it get? OK, it actually gets better when she dances on the piano, but hey.

Her long eyelashes, her lipstick’d pout, her dreamy come-to-bedness, her curves, her innocence, her Italian-ness. The bob of Blonde hair. (A BLONDE Italian???) Ooh, what a heady mix. How could anyone kill all that?

[Picture of Virna Lisi on Piano in How to Murder Your Wife] [Picture of Virna Lisi sleeping in Jack Lemmon's Bed in "How to murder your wife"]

Why don’t they make ’em like that any more?

This film made me want to work at a drawing board, take photographs, have a brilliant bachelor pad/ NY town-house,  work things by remote control, have membership to a gentlemen-only club with steam rooms and a pool, and have a butler who made me cocktails and got the shower working properly for me in the morning. Ah, one can dream can’t one?