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[Picture of Joshua Radin]The Thing about Joshua Radin is that he’s one of THOSE blokes that turn up to annoy every so often.  Girls buy their records.  It’s acoustic, lite, easy, smooth, kinda folky, guy-with-acoustic-guitar stuff.  We’ve all seen it before. Many times.  In recent times it’s been Jack Johnson or James Blunt or whatever.

The power of TV can make a difference — look at José González.  In the case of Josh Radin, it’s two massive US TV shows –“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scrubs“. As well as movies such as “Catch & Release” and “Garden State“.

Yes, his soundtrack can break your heart, make you and your girl cry aloud in front of your TV set — and annoyingly, he’s a hunky, good-lookin’ guy. ENOUGH ALREADY!

OK, so I am quite prepared to hate this guy then I saw the video for his song, “Brand New Day“. Yep — everything you could imagine doing to this guy gets done right here — from being splashed by a car and a puddle to being beat up and having his own guitar smashed into his face! Genius.  How could you NOT like? I have to admit I was quite shocked when he gets hit by a truck, but I laughed when that guy stood in his way and he had to lean round to be seen!

[Embedded youtube video clip Brand New Day]

I hate to say it, but this guy can laugh at himself BIG TIME.  he gets robbed and moved on, and yet he still sings happily away about “nice things”. Ironic? Ah- HA!

Well good on you, Josh. I’m now a reluctant fan (sort of begrudgingly). Oh the power of the TV media!

[Embedded youtube video clip Scrubs]

[Embedded youtube video clip Grey’s Anatomy]