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magic-roundabout-signI can barely believe it myself, but I made it back in one piece from Hemel Hempstead.  Yay! I am a survivor of the world famous “Magic Roundabout” — a massive roundabout with the River Gade running through and under it.  You can drive both clockwise or anti-clockwise on this roundabout — it’s entirely up to you!  this is because there are actually six roundabouts on a massive main roundabout!

I tell you it is wild.  On top of which, I was searching for an hotel (the Premier Inn) — which turned out to be on the top of a shopping centre, with the hotel car park on the 3rd and fourth floors of the department store’s multi-storey car park on the road opposite (a high level footbridge connects the two).

In addition, there are roadworks and a building site on one of the feed roads, and new bus-only roads — which if you accidentally drive up them in a car, will set off an impaling mechanism to wreck your vehicle! Yikes!

Even my Sat Nav couldn’t believe it!  Hilarity ensued!

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