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[Picture of a cookery book comic strip draft sketch by Dave devine]It’s funny to go through old rubbish that’s been cluttering up the place for years.  I found this comic strip sketch I did on how to cook pasta.  Hilarious!  But then again, I was only 17 or 18 when I did it.  Back then I did loads of comic strips and earned a wee bit of money.  As I recall it, I was trying to move into — or maybe even create — new areas for comics, this would be the long-lost comic-book cook book that never was! Oh well, I tried!  This is one of the earliest attempts I knocked up obviously as a result of my insomnia.  Hey, if comic books could get kids into cooking, then maybe someone like Jamie Oliver should get behind this idea and make something of it!  Don’t be put off by my crappy artwork




I got into cooking about 3 years ago because of my pal Mike. Until then I had always shied away from it because of some problems I have reacting to certain types of sea food, because I had a stomach ulcer and had to have a bland diet, and because it looked  so boring and time-consuming!

It really is a credit to Big Mike that someone like me was converted to the kitchen.  To prove to him that I have carried on the ways he taught me, I have photographic documentary evidence from June when I cooked my girlfriend, Ruthie, Spaghetti Bolognese from basic ingredients!

[Picture of DCD making dough]

This is me setting about making the dough for the spaghetti.

[Picture of Spag all ready]

That’s it ready.

[Boiling the spaghetti]

Getting set to boil it for eating.

[Picture of table setting]

Dinner is served — and thanks, Ruthie, for taking the pictures for Mike! All pictures taken 26 June 2002.