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This is my wee personal tribute to Rolf Harris. And I do not care if this is not “cool”.

This man has been around almost all of my life.  He has spend a life in the media, and yet there’s no scandal, no dramas, no disappointment.

Rolf Harris is talented, but as an artist people don’t take him seriously.  I watched him anchor cartoon programmes on TV as a kid, and he was inspiring — but not entirely in way you think; he inspired me to be happy — Rolf seemed pretty together and happy to me.  It seemed to me that he wasn’t wanting just 5 minutes of fame, or a big hit.  he was just Rolf Harris — he still is.

He did swimming instruction on TV in the school holidays.  He’s Australian — so of course he swims.  He painted the Queen, he cried on shows about vets and pets. Mostly though, Rolf Harris is a good guy.  Everyone likes Rolf.  He did Two Little Boys and survived.  He did Stairway To Heaven, and — somehow — managed to find a way to survive that as well.

This is a helluva guy we’re talking about here.  I have to do it.  I have to come out as an admirer of Rolf. You can depend on him, he’s real, and he’s talented, genuine and modest too. He’s got a helluva first name — Rolf!  Not a lot of those about.  He has a signature beard and tash.  This guy is a BRAND. He’s artistic and musical, he introduced the UK to Digeridoos and circular breathing, playing the saw, and generally being eccentric and quirky.  But anyone can see that underneath all this media stuff, Rolf is real.  He’s a people person and an animal person, and that is very unusual and very special.

He is not identified with any particular charity.  Nor does he belong to any particularly trendy bandwagon for saving thr world.  Instead Rolf just does the job, all day every day.

Rolf — I salute you man!