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[Picture of Peaches the rock star]I have recently rediscovered Peaches. I vaguely remembered “The Teaches of Peaches” as being quite shocking and being from the year 2000 — and for those two reasons I associate her with Eminem! What a summer that was — in Sweden actually.

Born in 1968, Merrill Beth Nisker, the white, Jewish, Canadian school teacher changed into “Peaches” and moved to Germany to make electronic music with explicit lyrics and frank performance.  There’s enough there to keep students of Freud busy for years.

Anyway, not a thought did I give her or her music until I got into “I Feel Cream” — what a superb album!  This led me to get last years’  “The Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs With Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the Moon“.

When listening to Peaches’s music, one cannot help but draw comparisons to other music and even genres.  This woman can sing, but she can sound like Gwen Stefani, Kylie Minogue, Alison Goldfrapp and more besides.  The music conjures up bizarre things like Black Eyes Peas, The Prodigy, St Vincent, Madonna, Joan Jett, and even the Ting Tings!

When you remember that “The Teaches of Peaches” is ten years ago, it is clear that Peaches has been a massive influence. Presently she’s drawing comparisons with Lady Gaga.

[Embedded video from “I Feel Cream”]

[Embedded video from “Billionaire”]

It has to be said, she’s far from good-looking, but she’s well respected and very talented and has amazing collaborations and offers some original stuff — I Feel Cream tackles the issue of age, including “Trick or Treat (“you lick my crows feet”)”, “Show Stopper (“Nevermind my age, it’s like we’re breaking out of a cage”)” and “Mommy Complex”. Peaches has criticised ageism directed against her.

It’s something different, worth a listen — let me know what you think via the comments as usual.

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