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Yes. I think mash-ups are funny. Especially the weirdest mixes — such as The Ting Tings and Austin Powers! LOL!

embedded video:

Isn’t THAT just mental!  — I laughed for ages.  Superb.

A good site for mash up music is – check them out! Obviously the best ones would be where the songs are in the same key and same beats-per-minute.

I came across Jaydiohead’s (Fresh Minty Beats) mashups of Radiohead and Jay-Z and was really impressed — this is what mash ups are really about — seeing the relationships and creating something entirely new from the finished work of others.  This rocks. Truly. Go to their website and download the whole album , for example from thepiratebay — or else listen at Myspace or Facebook. The links are all there.

OK, it is probably illegal or infringing some firm’s digital rights or copyright or something, but it need supported!

Look at this one — I mean, who thought up mashing Russian lesbo Rock Chicks, Tatu, with US Punkers, Greenday?  That’s almost genius… checkout:

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Then there are those ones, like Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” mash up with Kylie’s “In My Arms”.

embedded video:.

This is real, this is fun, this is art – dammit!LOL.