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[Picture of Justin Vernon, Bon Iver]I love harmonies, and I love originality and musicality in bands. BON IVER have all this and more.  In some ways they are complex, (arrangements, harmonies), in other ways they are simple (acoustic, voice, simple lyrics).  I would recommend them because they have made 2011 for me.

So let’s turn to the helpful links and things that all worked at the time of posting this here…

Once you have found out How to Pronounce Bon Iver, you can check out videos on YouTube.  I came across BON IVER through the excellent French program “A Take Away Show” doing a live and on-the-move version of  “For Emma, Forever Ago”. Here’s a link.

[Embedded Video clip from YouTube A Take Away Show Bon Iver’s For Emma]

If you watched that clip, you would have to admit that Justin is very talented indeed, I just cannot understand the reaction of the American tourists in Montmartre. Bizarre!

[Picture of Album cover of Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago]I read about the band on Wikipedia:, and found out that the name means (have a) good winter in French. Although a “band”, BON IVER is really Justin Vernon and members of the audience helping fill out the harmonies he recorded!

For Emma, Forever Ago is from 2007, but it’s a new find for me.  I know BON IVER have a new album out this year — a self-titled one — and I fancy getting a hold of a copy even though it is supposed to be more “electric”, and has “members” playing saxophones and other unexpected instruments.  I’ll check it out when i can and keep you posted!

As you would reasonably expect, they have their own site: and a myspace area too (, if you want to check them out that way.

I prefer checking out customers’ reviews on sites like Amazon, check out the reviews for For Emma, Forever Ago, and listen to some of the tracks too.




I just got a call from Chic Henderson from Auchtermuchty.  It was good to catch up with the auld rascal.  He’s 66 now, so he is not motorcycling as much any more — but he still seems pretty active in the Scottish and Irish folk music scene; his bands (The Randan Ceilidh Band) have several CDs, and he’s working on a new one right now.

He tells me that he toured Germany and the Baltic states again this year as a duo called Ardbeg — and that this will be his tenth year going out to South Korea for Saint Andrews at the Caledonia Society!

I met Chic in the late 1990s at the same place where I met my wife!  He was a draughtsman for one of our sub-contractors on site.  When I returned from my Swedish sojourn, Chic and I used to play Scottish folk music in Glasgow and Fife pubs.  It wasn’t what I was used to — it wasn’t my usual scene, but it was great fun!  We used to mess about with Toni Wood back then as well.  Chic had a project to photograph every Scottish castle when he wasn’t moonlighting as a weekend wedding photographer! Chic got up to 2000 Scottish castles — check out his site at

Chic has posted some videos on YouTube under the name ChicChanter — check them out at Check out The Randan Ceilidh Band too — Muchty Music is still selling the CDs by the way —