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[Picture of oil on canvas - The Eye]It is never a good idea to talk about old girlfriends.

So I don’t. Additionally, I never play the songs or read the poems relating to these now-mythical creatures.  Not just out of politeness or sensitivity for my wife, but for myself; these people don’t belong in our world.

Hence, I spent a lot of time removing photographs and other artefacts — it’s difficult because I am a natural hoarder, and because some of it is actually to do with me, my past, and all that. So I condensed everything down to a small box of mementos — an old shoe box in each case.  Throwing away the rest of the stuff. I couldn’t just do it all in one go, could I? One day I might open these boxes, or then again (and much more likely), I may just throw them away unopened — when I move house or something.

It’s an altogether peculiar state of affairs, when you think about it.  For example, I was very pleased with some of the portraits I did, especially the ones done with oil on canvas.  It was quite hard to destroy them all, and in fact all that remains is this digital photograph of an eye.

The entire portrait is long gone, it was more Vermeer than Vallejo, even I don’t know why, particularly as it was painted in the mid 1990s.

I came across this simply because it is not in the box (it was on an old back-up CD full of JPGs), and so I thought I would put it up here to stare at me, at us, from the past! Woooo! Creepy or what LOL!