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Eddie Izzard is my hero!  I have always enjoyed his comedy; it’s witty, clever, thought-provoking, intelligent, surprising and yadda yadda yadda.  Basically the man makes you laugh on lots of different levels.

I can remember when he first started — what an influence he was!  Even people in the street began talking like Eddie, the murmuring, the speeding up and slowing down, the drawing out of vowels, the languidity, the erudition — this was not plain “stream of consciousness” -type comedy, this was the rapids!

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The man is a genius at what he does.  He unfolds a virtual world, develops it, draws you into it, until you reach a state that can only be called “glee” — all done with tricks and manipulation by a master of surprise.

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I’ve been following him on Twitter ( Check out his website too:

Well, surprise of surprises Eddie has run a full length marathon every day for ages!  All round Britain for charity! How unexpected is it that this high-heeled “Action Transvestite” could run one marathon, let alone 43 in 52 days.

Sorry, but that has really blown me away; it’s so bizarre, so extreme, so altruistic, so … mental!

He has single-handedly restored some faith in humanity for me in my grumpy old age.  How inspiring, and awe-inspiring.  Eddie has actually rocked my world — and now that he’s finished, he’s off to do a 44 date comedy tour of the UK !

Like wow.