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I got into cooking about 3 years ago because of my pal Mike. Until then I had always shied away from it because of some problems I have reacting to certain types of sea food, because I had a stomach ulcer and had to have a bland diet, and because it looked  so boring and time-consuming!

It really is a credit to Big Mike that someone like me was converted to the kitchen.  To prove to him that I have carried on the ways he taught me, I have photographic documentary evidence from June when I cooked my girlfriend, Ruthie, Spaghetti Bolognese from basic ingredients!

[Picture of DCD making dough]

This is me setting about making the dough for the spaghetti.

[Picture of Spag all ready]

That’s it ready.

[Boiling the spaghetti]

Getting set to boil it for eating.

[Picture of table setting]

Dinner is served — and thanks, Ruthie, for taking the pictures for Mike! All pictures taken 26 June 2002.