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At university, I studied what-was-called “The Enlightenment”, and was taught about the Enlightenment values of Secularism, Humanism and Reason.  Of course, there was a “Politically Correct backlash” against the term “Enlightenment” which was as amusing as it was ironic.

Anyway, having an interest in such things brought me to the marvellous Christopher Hitchens — who has described himself as a believer in those “Enlightenment” values.

For many years now I have refused to buy a newspaper, so I have missed his columns, but I have always enjoyed anything of him that comes my way.  It is a breath of fresh air in a world of fake plastic celebrity, dumbing down and soundbite politics to hear a personal view, properly structured and thought-through.

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Christopher Hitchens wrote: “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything“, and I love that! He really doesn’t mince his words, does he?

  • He is anti-religion — all religions.

Perhaps he agrees with me that much of it is now of more cultural importance than anything else, I read somewhere that he thinks all educated people should have a knowledge of the Bible.

Knowing about the Bible is a precursor for making sense of what we are, what we have and how we got here, but then again, I am not restricting this argument to just the Bible — I would also have to include Greek mythology and a few other things.

Anyway, I came across some classic Hitchens on YouTube, tonight, and just had to share the love!

This one is called “Why Women Still Aren’t Funny”. Superb!

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This is his response to a response from Sarah Silverman and others to his article of that title.