12 February 2011

It’s always a laugh to ask what was the first record bought, or what was the first dance at a wedding (bride and groom).

The first record I bought was Ike and Tina Turners’ “Nutbush City Limits“.

I later played over it/ along with it, so it was one of the first tracks I figured out the key for (it’s in A major).

It’s a basic fuzzed rock’n’roll riff at the start, with a hint of wah wah. It’s warmed when the bass comes in with the clavinet and the triangle heralds the horns back in. The drums turn to a bizarre typewriter sound as the synth does it’s thing.

That synth is what makes the track. It is probably why the track doesn’t get covered much on the live circuit — including weddings.

Hey, I’ve just found out that the guitar might have been played by Marc Bolan. Now THAT’S insane!

Looking back, it could have been worse, so I am quite pleased with this. Mind you, I think my second purchase was “Rubber Bullets” or something equally poppy.



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