[B&W Picture of Rupert Grint from Harry Potter Films]Oh No! I have a new Doppelgänger… Rupert Grint (of Harry Potter films).

What is it with people that they have to always find something similar?  If you form a band, people are mainly interested in who you sound like!

So, despite the fact that I do not have Ginger hair, I am Rupert Grint.  Gee, thanks.

[Picture of Bob Geldof]Is that better than Bob Geldof (my own sister’s opinion)? Hmmm, hard to say.  My wife says I am the double of Kevin Spacey!  yes, this is MY WIFE.  Good grief!

Gawd, and Lawrdy, is it that bad? Am I THAT awful?

Chaps I work with reckon I am like Terry Christian… How on Earth can I be like Kevin Spacey AND Terry Christian?

Good grief!

[Picture of Terry Christian] [Picture of Kevin Spacey, actor]

[Picture of Kevin Spacey]Oh well.

A funny story — I was watching “Cheers” many years ago.  It was  Friday night, Channel Four was new.  I had a pal over and a girl I was living with was making us both toast and coffee when the doorbell rang.  It was my brother.

I opened the front door wearing my slippers — and was grabbed and dragged off to the Newlands Hotel without a word.

I was told by my brother that I was going to meet my twin, my double, my Doppelgänger, my spitting image.  I was filled with trepidation – I mean, come on, this is a big deal, right?  How would you feel to be told that you were going to see your own face on someone else’s body?  Pretty creepy yes?

Well, we walked in, and there was this geezer… and he looked as much like me as a bag a tatties!  We did a double take and burst out laughing!  Yet — nevertheless, my own brother demanded that we were identical – how can stuff like this happen?  he didn’t wear spectacles, it was in a good light, but OK, there was some alcohol involved, but still…

I felt violated.

I walked home, and when I got in, my girlfriend and pals asked me where the hell I had vanished to.  I told them the story and they rolled about on the floor laughing for 30 minutes. What can y’do?

A Double?

Yep, as long as it’s drunk.


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