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I started phasing in the consolidation phase of The Dukan Diet after about week 10 (or two-and-a-half months) on The Cruise Phase during which I lost  about 18.5 kg in total.

Today, after about 14 weeks of Consolidation (around the three month mark probably),  I am happy to report that I have maintained the loss as my daily weight measurement remains between 77 and 78kg, my BMI is maintained under 26kg/m2

I am enjoying red wine, and speciality breads mainly.  Pasta — which used to be a mainstay,  is rare — and forget chips (they are yuk!).  The odd rice portion has proved to be acceptable. It is a clever diet in that I lost about a stone a month (as the old timers put it), quickly over the summer, and then stopped by increasing carbs and starches.  It is a low fat for life regime, but the trick is getting consolidation right; it is the cure.

One stays on consolidation for 11 days per kilo lost, so I will be on this phase for 7 months, meaning I am not half-way yet.

It is long — deliberately long to re-educate your mind and body.  I am finding my body is sorting itself out, skin is tightening and tone is coming and going (it’s pretty weird actually).  The most interesting aspect is mental — the relationship with food, the likes and dislikes, the idea of rewards being food, the concept of “cheating”, the notion of “comfort eating”.

I am glad the social aspect is back; we have always enjoyed eating out, attending parties and weddings and office party season is nigh!

It is extremely difficult to explain that after months of low carbohydrates, the re-introduction is not as disastrous nor fantastic as expected; I simply no longer fancy the same things anymore.  I find it difficult to force myself to eat “treats”, and I actually feel sick when I eat too much bread or pasta — or even a cake!

Anyway, the weight-loss quarter is a distant memory as I can eat pretty much anything I want once a week, I am allowed bread every day, things like rice and pasta and more besides. I am enjoying my food tremendously, my taste-buds are honed and my life (and shopping basket) has changed forever!