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I have lost 0.2 kg since last week, 18.6 kg in total. BMI 25.7 kg/m2

I have survived 16 weeks on The Dukan Diet, and am in my Dukan target weight region.

My scales state that I am now 76.9 kg.  I am pretty happy with my weight loss over the cruise phase, and it’s good to be stabilised on consolidation.  I’ve been cautious with the consolidation’s allowances, phasing things in lest I regain some weight. Basically, this phasing in has been about a month now, and weight has continued to drop — but there have been larger swings up and down on the daily weighings!

I guess there’s little point in recording weekly weighings if I’m stabilised/ stabilising.  Instead I shall continue to record my daily morning weight and will report monthly or whatever. Shalom!