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[picture of Cover of Now We Can See by The Thermals 2009]I am getting back into raw rock’n’roll at the moment, and what better than last year’s “Now We Can See” from The Thermals?

Classifying them is just annoying — I see “garage-rock” and “punk-pop”! Quite why we have genres and subdivisions is beyond me; if you like rock’n’roll, from Tom Petty to The Pixies, you WILL like This Thermals record.

At The Bottom Of The Sea starts a bit like an old U2 track, When I Died starts like Feargal Sharkey! Now We Can See is just superb, completely catchy Johnny Thunderesque, early Attractions, maybe Frank Black, Dr Feelgood chops, love it; it’s addictive, mood-lightening, daddy-dancy classic stuff.

[Embedded Video clip from The Thermals’s Now We Can See]


When We Were Alive is pretty punky, and nods at old Lux Interior or The Ramones. Liquid In, Liquid Out is sharp and clean, and a firmly modern song to rival the Arctic Monkys or Franz Ferdinand.

[Picture of the guys from The Thermals]“Now We Can See” is not offensive on first listening, being easy music to get into straight-away — yet it still grows with each play! Like a fine wine, it develops rather well.

The Thermals are: Westin Glass (drums), left-handed bass-playing chick Kathy Foster and Hutch Harris. Funnily enough, Foster owns a Tee-shirt company and she plays drums in the appropriately named “All Girl Summer Fun band”. Their website is, and they are on

Check it out.