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I have lost 1.8 kg since last week, 14.5 kg in total. BMI 27.1 kg/m2

I have survived ten weeks on The Dukan Diet.

My scales state that I am now 81.0 kg.  This is the target weight according to the Dukan website calculator.  I should now start “consolidation”, but as my BMI is still in the over-weight category, and I feel I could do with a bit more off, I think I will continue with the cruise phase.

Time to look back over the diet as a whole I think. You can see from the spreadsheet-generated chart (below) of my weekly weight loss since I started the Dukan diet, the big water loss in the first week (Attack Phase) has not been repeated during the Cruise Phase (which is the Attack plus a few green vegetables every other day). The pattern seems to be two weeks of about 1.5 kg loss, then a bad week of half this loss, repeat, rinse and blow dry. Now, week 7 was missed, and week 8 was a bad week — all because I was on vacation and slightly off diet — but I cannot explain why week 4 was a dip.

Note that my wife’s chart is completely different, and resembles the slope of the chart generated by the official Dukan site (her weight loss is slowing down and gradually stabilising).  Hmm. I wonder when mine will start levelling out.

[Chart og weekly weight loss to week 10 on Dukan diet]

Thing is, if it is a pattern, then I am due for a bad week this week. I suppose I could wait and see, or else take steps to combat this by skipping the veg this week.

See ya next Thursday with the result!