OK.  I just checked my BMI and I seem to have become obese.  Yes obese. How did that happen?

Well, here’s a list of high risk events for gaining weight:

  • Being over 40 years of age
  • Stopping cigarette smoking
  • Being married
  • Having an injury

I got all of these all clumped together. That’s how I put on weight.

But it’s not the whole story.

Developed eating Habits

Because I had a stomach ulcers for most of my life, I have always had a very restricted, bland diet.  I could not eat fruit, alcohol was out, and I couldn’t drink anything fizzy — even water. Not big on chips, and I have never been much of a meat eater — but I am no vegetarian as I avoid veg like the plague!  I found that vegetables make you fart. I would eat eggs, but only rarely. I have never had a sweet-tooth, and have never enjoyed sugared or sweetened things. I have never really liked cheeses or biscuits, sweetcorn, toffee, mushrooms and loads more. I have an allergic reaction to certain shellfish and fish, so I simply avoid all seafood.

This probably explains why I was always skinny for most of my life!

I was a constant 66 kg from my mid teens to my mid 30s when I got my stomach sorted (Thanks to Barry Marshall). I immediately put on weight, but stabilised at about 75 kg until I hit my mid 40s, where it crept up to 80 kg and levelled out.  I lost weight before the wedding — getting back down to around 71 kg. Of course I put it all back on again after the honeymoon. I then gave up smoking and that’s when it crept up to a whopping 95.5 kg

That’s obese. A BMI of 32 kg/m2 is not good, so I have decided that this is time to lose weight and keep it off throughout my 50s and beyond.

What I have been eating presently:

Breakfast: I love breakfast cereals such as Special K, Cornflakes, Shredded Wheat, All Bran, Bran Flakes etc.  I never eat chocolate ones, honey-nut, ones with dried fruit, raisins, hard bits, or sugar (Frosties – yuck!).  I also like toast and butter, sometimes with marmalade.  Croissants with plain yogurt or dipped into coffee. Occasionally scrambled or poached egg on toast.

Lunch: Chicken Noodle soup or a supermarket sandwich (cheddar and tomato), sometimes a pot of penne pasta — just tomato and cheese. Friday Lamb Curry Lunch.

Dinner: Not being a big fan of chips, I am eating risotto, spaghetti, chilli-con-carne, chimichanga, Fajitas, stir fry, curry, pizza, burgers, steak, apple pie with cream, sponge cake. Almost anything from the Chinese or Indian restaurant. I will eat side orders of things like onion rings and garlic bread.

Not really a snack person, Never have been one for cinema food, I dislike crisps, am not a fan of popcorn, hate pick-n-mix sweets etc.  Quite like peanuts and chocolate, but not usually through the day. Rarely have a Hot Dog, never Nachos. More likely to dip bread into pot of curry or left-over sugo at points throughout the evening. Hence the 36 inch trouser waistband!

My New Diet

After extensive research, I have settled on a new slimming programme from France – my wife has just received the book – The Dukan Diet from Amazon. She ordered it for us last week. So starting today, it is a complete change of diet for me.  No rice, no pasta, no bread.

It’s a low fat, low carb diet.  High protein.

I picked Dukan because it is healthier than my “normal” diet is — it will force me to eat meat and vegetables and get away from the bland bulk I have eaten all my life.

I guess it will be difficult for me — because I adore my pasta and pizza.  Italian is what I enjoy cooking at home. Treats are Indian and Chinese takeaways, and we have developed a love for the red wine over the years.

However, my wife is dieting with me, and together we are determined to lose about 20 kg each and get our BMI down to normal — and we want to be healthier and have a new diet that we can keep, so I’ll keep you updated on this site each week with my progress (hopefully).

Let the fat fight begin!

BMI: 32 kg/m2
Weight: 95.5 kg

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