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I saw ‘Kick Ass’ tonight, and surprised myself for enjoying it; I didn’t expect to watch it right through, but I did, and I was engaged the whole time.

The lead role is played by the guy who played young John Lennon in ‘Nowhere Boy’ – an English chap called Aaron Johnson. He plays a New York dork, a High School comic-book geek called Dave Lizewski who buys a scuba suit and decides to become a crime-fighter — a superhero without powers.

Meanwhile Nicolas Cage and 11-year-old daughter are getting back at the police and a drug baron ‘Frank D’Amico’ (played brilliantly by Mark Strong) by dressing up as superheroes.  Dave’s YouTube hit hero (‘Kick-Ass’) gets confused with Cage’s ‘hero’ and war breaks out.

I’m trying not to spoil it here.  Go see this film; it’s worth it for an evening’s entertainment.  It’s got the quirky editing and perfect comedy timing of the modern era, it’s never dull, completely over the top, and somehow believable in that you willingly surrender your disbelief throughout. The script is crafted to allay all your fears and qualms, and turns the plot around to their benefit.  basically, you are putty in their hands.

This is a beautifully crafted film, wonderfully lit, great editing, superb camera work and great direction.  Cage clearly relishes his role, from interacting with his daughter to dressing as Batman.

The moral tales about judging a book by its cover, retribution, bullying, perseverance, doing the right thing, not standing-by, but standing up — and more are there, so are explosions, torture, various acts of violence, kung fu, love interest, teen angst, comic fantasy, drugs, and everything else inbetween.  It has a broad sweeping range of everything, from pretty criminals to master criminals, good policemen to bad policemen, contradictions and moral grey areas.

It is a boy’s film, mind you, not for adults or females. Go enjoy!