27 January 2010

[Picture of Jukie Newmar as Catwoman --aged 33]I can vividly remember the first time I was struck by a woman.  Not physically struck, of course, but struck none-the-less.

It’s difficult to explain, because it wasn’t a “grand sexual awakening”.  It wasn’t a “thunderbolt” of love or lust, and it wasn’t awe or admiration.  It was quite simply the first moment I really noticed a woman for being a woman, for being different, for being a fascinating creature.

Hey, this is a big moment in the life of the male.  I wonder if other guys know what I am going on about?  Anyway, for me that moment happened while watching TV.

Yes. TV. I was a kid.  A wee boy.  I had a toy Batmobile and watched Batman on TV.  The “real” Batman — the one with Adam West.  This was so good.  So good.  As a kid, I was fired up enough to “become batman” right after the show  — during the closing credits and the Hefti Theme tune — I would spring from couches and punch invisible baddies… “pow!” and “Ker-pa-ow!”.

[Picture of Julie Newmar in catwoman costume]Then entered CATWOMAN. Uh-oh. Holy…

It was Julie Newmar! What a costume!  What movement, what a face, what a waist, what…

I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  It was true enchantment.  And even today I think of Julie Newmar as a platonic ideal.

The thing is that back when they made the Batman TV series, it was in the mid 1960s, which means that Julie played Catwoman, in her early 30s.  She was tall at 1.8 m, and she only weighed 66 kg (a BMI of just 20.3), but she was curvy, oh boy, was she curvy — an amazing 96-58-96 figure; they just don’t make ’em like that anymore!

I still find her captivating and hypnotic when I come across Batman reruns with her as Catwoman.

What a real woman!

[Picture of Jukie Newman in underwear] [Picture of Jukie Newmar dancing]


3 Responses to “JULIE NEWMAR”

  1. Same here, mate. I saw her last weekend and am still stupefied! I was tongue-tied but she was really gracious and sweet – and sexy as hell.

  2. Kenny Marx Says:

    I do see what you mean!

    Gee she sure was put together swell!

  3. Baxter Says:

    Julie Newmar was about as close to the original conception of Catwoman as there’s ever been. But that’s not saying much, seeing as how she had to act with Adam West who is the worst Batman of all time. Tongue-tied? Grow up, little boys!

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