Mixmeister BPM is a free download bit of software that I am trying out.

You download it form here: www.mixmeister.com/bpmanalyzer.

All you do is drag and drop your music files (*.mp3 etc) and it starts to calculate the beats per minute (BPM) or tempo of the track!

It takes about 10 secs / track, so to do my collection will take over 30 hours!

Once it is done, the tags are amended, so all I should do (when this Herculean task is finished) is get MediaMonkey to rescan the music library.

Then I shall be able to select tracks by tempo as well as key — making playlists and so on.  I can hardly wait!  I’ll let you know if this is worthwhile!


2 Responses to “MIXMEISTER”

  1. davedevine Says:

    Yeah, I did it, and it took ages. The results were “interesting”. Not sure how good this is as I haven’t tested it against a stopwatch. I can report that on very slow stuff (such as Alison Krauss and Robert Plant), it reported exceptionally high bpm figures! Oh well!

  2. […] pitch. Eugh!  I use to correct this by ear using Audacity, this can change the pitch yet keep the beats per minute the same — but the trouble with that is the preview is just the starting few seconds, and on […]

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