[Picture of Keigo Oyamada aka Cornelius]When I need to cut off from background noise at work I wear headphones.  What I listen to depends on mood as much as the work itself.  Lately I have been chillin’ to Cornelius — quite simply, the guy’s brilliant and very original.

[embedded video “Music” from “Sensuous” on youtube:]

Keigo Oyamada chose “Cornelius” after the ape character  in the “The Planet of The Apes” movie. His own son is named “Milo” — which is also the name of the baby ape son of Cornelius in that film!

I have only two albums — Point (2001) and Sensuous (2006), and both are top quality creations.  To my mind, Keigo makes his music in a similar way to Steely Dan and The Blue Nile, it’s about sound experiences, noises, stereo imagery, an aural experience, as well as about rhythm and melody.

Cornelius albums are filled with audio craft — the works are art and compiled like a painting might be.  Let’s be frank here, this is innovative, creative and also Japanese — yet it remains accessible and wonderful.


2 Responses to “CORNELIUS”

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