I have just come across a website called Songza (, it looks not bad at first glance.

I typed in a search for Weather Report, and it returned a reasonable list of results.  When I clicked on one of the results, a Celtic cross “thing” appeared to let me select “add to playlist”, “share”, “rate” or “play”. I chose “play”, and it tried to open a video. It took an age.  Naturally, I moved on and tried several others — all of which took too long.  I never actually got to hear anything because I am not that patient. Anything longer than 2 minutes is far too long.



One Response to “SONGZA”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hey Dave I got it working OK, wait wasn’t long, so must have just been a busy period when you tried or something. It’s not bad, the choices are not comprehensive, but it is free. Give it another go!!

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