I have been getting into my Polar Bear downloads again. they are so good it’s staggering. My favourite at the moment seems to be “Wildhorses” — utterly superb!

I know the drummer Seb Rochford is probably better known for his completely mental hairstyle, but that guy drums better than anyone these days. He tickles on “Isolation” like Gadd, elsewhere he’s like Bruford or Rich!

Amazingly, I found him listed ahead of David Bowie and Madonna in The Evening Standard’s list of the most influential people in London.

Rochford is important on the London Jazz scene with F-ire — Fellowship for Integrated Rhythmic Expression (see www.f-ire.com), I really wish I could get to London to see the all the free gigs at the Thames Festival on September 12th. *sigh*.

I saw him on Later with Jools Holland doing “Thing” with Electric Ladyland a while back, and for a while Seb seemed to be everywhere, but I have not heard much of him — or of Leafcutter John for a while.

All the tracks I have were free downloads from Polar Bear’s website, and I have some Room of Katinas that way too.

People might have heard Seb through Pete Docherty and BabyShambles or Corrine Bailey Rae, or even Herbie Hancock, but he is at his best with Fulborn Teversham, Polar Bear, Room of Katinas and Electric Ladyland. Check them all out!


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  1. […] Strings came out in 2007, but its quite new to me, despite loving Seb Rochford‘s stuff (Polar Bear, […]

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