I am still in love with “Cole’s Corner” — what a superb album (every track too).  Richard Hawley is the ma-an!

It is so-not like Pulp or anything to do with Jarvis Cocker. There’s nothing else like it out there, let me tell you that much. It owes much to the 1950’s crooners, and to Edwyn Collins or Roy Orbison.

Remember back at the 2006 Mercury Music prize was won by “The Arctic Monkeys”? — as they accepted on stage, they cried “someone call the police; Richard Hawley has been robbed”. Too right.

This album seems older than it is, more familiar, comfy.  It’s lushly orchestrated and produced beautifully to bring out the incredibly deep and rich vocal, and the Duane Eddy guitar.  It’s mellow, cooooool, and long hot summer nights.  It’s musical radox.

I just let this music massage my mind from the worries of the day. Aaaah, the sssh of the sea on “The Ocean”… it’s mature, proper grown-ups music, but it’s weirdly hip as feck!

embedded video:


2 Responses to “RICHARD HAWLEY”

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  2. […] favourite track has to be either “It’s Personal” as it is almost Richard Hawley! or “Tell“. But hey; it’s all good.  Yes.  This is a very good album — […]

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