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Good grief — another dead rock star! Mind you, the utterly fabulous Lux Interior managed to get to 62 — which just blows me away!

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Ol’ Lux was the front man and lead singer with The Cramps.  And what an influence they were on everyone (and probably still are) .  Imagewise they definitely had an effect on Iggy Pop, The Cure, Siouxie, INXS and o-so-many-more.

From the superb “Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs”, through “Bikini Girls With machine Guns” to “What’s Inside A Girl?” — they were real pioneers.  They blended punk with rockabilly to get psychobilly.  I was aware of The Cramps for ages before hearing The Jesus and Mary Chain’s cover of “New Kind of Kick”.

This got me onto Poison Ivy’s guitar playing — and I have always had a soft spot for band that have a chick in the line-up for some reason.  Everyone knows “The Human Fly”.  Poison Ivy got respect in the way that Joan Jett or Tina Weymouth did.

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I liked The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, The New York Dolls and all that, so The Cramps were well within my radar at the time.  Scary thought: most are dead or ancient now. Yikes!

As a last word, I would say that it seems a little strange.  The whole thing.  I mean, who would have thought that The Cramps would have lasted from the early seventies!  I guess you would have a punk type band down for a few years at best.  Then what about a married couple in a band  — how long would that be expected to last?  All those gigs, all those years — yet Poison Ivy and Lux Interior stayed together — and were very nearly pensioners together! jeez, punk pensioners!

Anyway, I reckon Poison Ivy influenced a good few girls,  I was always reminded of Kirsty McCall simply because of the red hair, but she wore skirts and dresses and played big rockabilly guitars — like loads of country girls since, but also in rock.

Ah, it is the end of The Cramps, and so the end of an era.  They have left a pretty robust legacy, there’s no denying that.