I used to bump into Justin and the rest of Del Amitri from time to time over the years; that’s Glasgow for ye.  I have to say though that I do not know them really well, nor have I played with them either, but that is not going to stop me from stating that they are a superb band full of superbly talented and nice guys!

It’s mainly down to the vocals and song writing ability of Justin Currie — here he is in the back room his flat on Byres Road in the West End:

embedded video:

Isn’t that just sublime? That is just quality. Pure quality.

He did that song in the Abbey Road Session thing for TV — it’s also on Youtube.

Del Amitri songs are so good because they can be played on a battered old acoustic at beer-soaked Hogmanay parties or on hot summer nights by the beach.  People sing along — they are catchy, memorable, and get all mixed up in memories and interwoven into the threads of life.

embedded video:.

Justin is one of those singers that makes people want to sing.  Yeah, sure, he has a terrible reputation (although I have always found him fair and square, personally), and there are always rumours about friction with the other members of the band — but I have to say that I have seen worse, and that it actually adds a chemistry that can (if managed properly)  create wonderful music!


5 Responses to “JUSTIN CURRIE”

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  2. Brian Says:

    Justin Currie is a genius. He writes songs that end up as b-sides or just unreleased tunes, that anybody else would chew off their own leg to have written. I’m not sure there is a more underrated songwriter anywhere.

  3. Brian Says:

    He should just go on Britain’s Got Talent..show up as a homeless guy with 3 strings on a wrecked guitar..wait for Simon’s eyes to roll…then blow everyone away. Not a bad idea actually. ;)

  4. daveross Says:

    Gents, I listened to his solo album again this morning. Just so good, Justin Currie or James Blunt? It can only be his record company letting him down I can name 50 Dels or Justin songs that are better than “You’re Beautiful”.

    As a digression I wrote a muscial script using Del Amitri songs for my own amusement take a look with the original songs at



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