You have to check this out! It’s Pop — BUT it’s got Rap… BUT  the rap is in Korean… BUT the rappers are young girls… BUT it’s a girl band… BUT it’s not bad!

Here’s what happened… I kept coming across “hawt posts” and stats stuff about some chick called HyunA who was making a “comeback” as part of a new girl group this February. This was creating a great stir and fuss, such that I couldn’t avoid it, so I had to have a peek…

OK so here’s the deal: As you may well have sussed, business is business the world over, and in South Korea, Cube Entertainment (a subsidiary company of JYP Entertainment) are BIG BUSINESS — major Asian acts such as “Mario”, “2AM” and “The Wonder Girls” are signed to Cube/ JYP.  Pay attention, because if you look at the youtube clips you will spot adverts and references.

So far we know that Hyuna was in a massive girl band called “The Wonder Girls” (Sunye, Ye-eun, Sunmi, Sohee, and Hyuna — aged from 15 to 18), but their work schedule was too hectic, and she got sick and was replaced by a girl called Yubin… but as we all now know, Hyuna’s coming back with a new girl band.

Well, to start you off on “The Wonder Girls” phenomenon, here’s a rather cheeky wee track I like called “So Hot“:

embedded video:

Cute song, and credit where credit is due — they are a good girl band; they are all singers and dancers, and good-lookers too, but the twist is that they manage to sing and rap in two languages while dancing about.

It turns out their début track was “Irony” (back in Feb 2007), and there is some fuss involved because the recording has the original rap by Hyuna, but the TV shows and live performances have Yubin’s rap instead. This single was a massive hit and reached number one in Korean charts.

A second fuss is that the wee dance routine created for the song “Tell me” became like a dance virus!  Fans began doing it, and it’s even in computer games and youtube responses (check it out!). Since then, all of their dance routines have been heavily imitated — they must be very addictive!

embedded video:

By the way, “Tell Me” has the rap by Yubin, but here’s  the band singing “Irony” live with Hyuna rapping on the bridge:

embedded video:

The actual promotional video for this is:

embedded video:

Apart from playing some gigs in other countries (including even the USA), “The Wonder Girls” are just about to launch their own make-up line, consisting of 6 different “Wonder” products, and a reality show called “Wonder Bakery”, in which the girls will pair up with aspiring chefs competing to win a cash prize. Seriously. It was also revealed that “The Wonder Girls” have already made 6.23 Million quid as a group!

Yes.  There is a whole big wide world out there! Goodness!

OK, so what am I doing watching very young Korean girls prancing about — amd I having a mid-life crisis or something??? (Ha; too late for that!).

The thing is that I am a daddy; I have a wee girl myself, and I like to encourage her by showing her girls (of all ages) singing, dancing, running, playing music, being good, being successful — role models if you like.

I have no problem showing her “The Wonder Girls” — after a LOT of very embarrassing incidents with Beyoncé, Girls Aloud, Christina — and especially Britney! Gawd, have you seen the video for “Toxic” or “Womanizer”? This material is far too old/ lewd.

At least there’s still the old stuff — Spice Girls, S Club 7, and maybe the Sugababes, but O what a gap in the UK market.  The Koreans know how to serve that sector and make everybody happy.


6 Responses to “THE WONDER GIRLS”

  1. warna Says:

    Dave you gotta love Nobody…

    Wonder Girls rule!

  2. Ghen Says:

    “So Hot” does NOT sample the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”, but “Tell Me” has the sampling of Stacy Q’s “Two of Hearts.”

  3. […] in music around the world. As a family, we have enjoyed South Korean girl rap-pop from the Wonder Girls, and (at the other end of the spectrum), I am a huge fan of […]

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