Hmmm, what can I say about Jaco that hasn’t already been said?

Here I’ll leave the bass-playing to Pastorius himself…

Love ya Jaco, R.I.P.

If you want to read my thoughts on Jaco’s murder, and how it changed my life — read my post on the death of Joe Zawinul and the death of Jaco Pastorius: 2007/09/11/my-personal-911/


2 Responses to “JACO – PORTRAIT OF TRACY”

  1. […] that time, although there was a lot of DISCO and PUNK about, serious musicians were into Jaco Pastorius and his fretless bass playing with Joni Mitchell and Weather Report. Jaco had removed the frets […]

  2. […] for sub-cultural references, and cross-pollination, so there was a great delight to discover that  Jaco Pastorius played for Weather Report — but also played on Joni Mitchell albums, or that a browse around a […]

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