What a laugh we had when we came across these old snaps of me. They were taken in 1989 or 1990 as part of a massive photo shoot for publicity for a band I was in that was just getting a record deal together.  I was snapped, smoking, drinking coffee, standing, sitting, playing the bass, walking in the rain with my collar up, wearing a hat, and with a variety of hairdos! These are a mere taster of the results of three days’ work. As you will no doubt have noted, I have always had an high forehead, and so I basically have not really changed all that much. Ever since I was a kid I have been told that I am balding because of my hairline, oh well!

[Picture of DCD for publicity material] [Picture of DCD as Stan Laurel]

I plan to quit smoking as soon as the baby’s born. The funny thing is that  I will probably look like the one on the right during the birth! Maybe I will start balding with all the fretting over this birth! jeez!


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