[Picture of dcd playing strat on stage in 1990s]I found an old picture of me clipped from some newspaper or other playing a gig somewhere that I have long since forgotten! I am definitely getting old when I cannot recall any of the details other than a vague memory of being given this by someone at a party! At least I don’t have a curly perm!

It’s an odd picture; I don’t seem to be using a plectrum, and that’s odd — also the angle is funny for a live gig unless a long lens was used from an elevated angle, which mean this must have been a fairly big gig. Oh! How I wish I could remember thing better! There are other clues — I am playing a Strat and I do not have long hair, so it must be the 90s? It must have been one of the charity gigs I got roped into back then (it’s all I can think of). Hmm, I wonder if the article mentioned me if the picture was of me!


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