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Christianity is always on the agenda. What can y’do?

It’s all Catholic versus Protestant, how sad.

But then the history of the UK is Catholic versus Protestant, the history of Sport is the same.  It is in art and architecture, the fight is all around us — including Glasgow bigotry and the “troubles” in Ireland.

It is difficult impossible to avoid, but I try!

Unfortunately I have married into a family that follows weird protestant sects.  There is very little consensus on what these sects actually believe, and so I find it pretty impossible to take seriously. Most of the time I find it amusing, but every-so-often I have been dumbstruck by the things they say or do.  Poor things!

Family excepted, they pretend to be miraculously healed when they’re not — and no-one is embarrassed for them.  They talk in tongues and make grand public statements and predictions — “a Word from God Himself” — that soon turns out to be complete nonsense — and no-one seems to notice.

Most of it is just daft, some ludicrous, some bizarre — but some are scary. They can get violent (a domestic), and it’s forgiven and forgotten. They can use and abuse people, take advantage of a situation, and basically steal.  They gossip and bitch about each other — and there is zero loyalty to people, congregations or causes.

Churches attract particular types, and the sects — the charismatics, evangelicals, pentecostals attract the oddest of the odd; drug-addicts, alcoholics, perverts and probably worse!  I am at the point when I heard someone claim to be a “Born Again Christian”, I immediately think the worst — they might be a liar, a cheat, a wife-abuser, a bigot (and so forth), or they might just be daft and impressionable.  It certainly does not warm me to them!

The latest nonsense I heard recently was that “the rise in crime in the UK since the 1960s is entirely due to the teaching of evolution in schools from that same date”.  Yes; this is the “considered opinion” of a grown man, a father and husband — in this century and in Scotland.

What a laugh!

You wouldn’t believe some of the things I have been exposed to (I can barely believe it myself sometimes)! One of the queerest, for me,  is the cheesy middle-of-the-road quasi-rock that they do!  It’s utter rubbish — Christian Contemporary Rock or CCR — what a load of mince! Soulless and childish in every respect, it’s a depressing formula from the early 1980s.  Maybe back then it was something — maybe it was risqué.  Not now, sadly, it’s just rubbish and more rubbish streaming from from Hillsongs. Ugh! Australians — of all things!

What happened to Good Gospel singing? Proper Hymns? or even good music — from a Mass to a Messiah?  Catholics and Baptist protestants brought us wonderful choirs — think of the movie “The Blues Brothers” or “Sister Act” — Nuns can sing, but here in Glasgow, none can sing!

Well, at least it’s not flute music!

They never seem to get embarrassed by being found out, or by talking nonsense — that’s what amazes me the most, they don’t seem to care.

I first noticed this when I saw them loudly say “grace” in a pizza restaurant — without a thought for anyone else!  They just take over meals everywhere and anywhere — they never ask first.  What can I do?  Ask them not to?

Just as well I see it all as part of general culture– like Halloween, Santa, Jesus, Atlas, Thor, Superman, Fairies, Star signs, Tabloid newspapers, and more.  That is the only way I can accept having my kids exposed to such nonsense; one day they will grow up and know that Eve is as real as Pandora, and Santa, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Satan and Tinkerbell are as man-made and made-up as Mickey Mouse and Sherlock Holmes.